Generac Portable Generators

Generac Portable Generators

Generac portable generators are transportable machines for converting energy into electric power, often termed travel engine-generator or compact electrical generator. It is the combination of a gasoline-driven engine and alternator meant to provide mobile electrical power.

The gas powered engine is a motor with moving parts that coverts power into motion. Its role is to spin an alternator, which is a generator that produces and alternating current.

Founded in 1959, Generac was the first to engineer affordable portable generators. Generac portable generators are designed to be easily carried or moved and to provide backup and emergency power when conventional power is down or not available at all.

What makes a Generac generator portable?

Generac parable generators can be large or small, heavy or lightweight. But what makes a generator portable is whether it can be easily carried or moved from place to place. 

Generac manufactures two types of portable generators; mobile generators and transportable or movable generators. Mobile generators are usually small, lightweight power generators able to be moved easily between places or accommodated in an average size vehicle so as to travel around and serve various locations where electrical power is out or not available.

Generac also makes transportable generators, which is often a large, heavy generator that is abled to be moved but not necessarily carried. Like mobile generators, transportable Generac generators provide backup and emergency power when mother nature knocks out your utility power.

Generac parable generators are usually to large for tailgating or camping. But they are perfect when power is needed to work in your backyard or to provide wattage to household electrical appliances.

What size generator do I need to power my house?

If you’re looking to power a large home, a small compact generator is not the answer. Small, lightweight portable generators usually emit 2,000-3000 watts max. Which might be enough to power several small appliances within an apartment.

How much can a Generac portable generator power?

To power a house, you’ll need a substantial amount of electrical current, such as a GP5500, XG6500 or XP10000E. For instance, to power a home air conditioner requires 3250 continues watts. An average size refrigerator need 500 watts, an electric range needs about 1500 watts and television needs roughly 300 watts. 

Keep in mind transportable Generac generators can weigh up to 250 pounds. But they can be easily moved due to their run-flat tires and steel steering handles. Because of their size and weight, you may need more than one person to carry it from place to place.

Portable Generators

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