Honda EU2000i Generator Stalls

Honda EU2000i Generator Stalls

Honda EU2000i generator stalls refers to when a machine for converting mechanical energy into electricity stops running because of an overload to the engine. Common symptoms of a Honda EU2000i generator that stalls include:

  • Honda generator starts then dies.
  • Honda generator starts but won’t stay running.
  • Honda generator runs for a few minutes then stops.
  • Honda generator starts but shuts down immediately.
  • Honda generator sputtering and then stalls.

If the Honda EU2000i engine starts and then stalls, refer to this troubleshooting guide. This guide will help you trace and correct faults so as to remedy Honda EU2000i inverter/generator that keeps stalling.

Engine Starts but Then Stalls

  1. Ensure gasoline is in fuel tank and that the fuel is not deteriorated. Add fuel if needed.
  2. Check fuel filter for blockage. Clean or replace fuel filter if necessary.
  3. Make sure there is no obstruction at the fuel pump or diaphragm tube. Replace fuel pump if needed and replace or clean the diaphragm tube if needed.
  4. Check fuel hose for blockage or kinks. Replace or clean the fuel tube if needed.
  5. Check the carburetor for loose nuts holding the air intake joint and carb. Make sure no air is leaking through a damaged carb gasket. Make sure air is not leaking though an insulator gasket or insulator. Be sure to tighten any cuts or install an new carburetor insulator gasket or insulator if necessary.
  6. Perform a compression check using a compression gauge. If the compression is low. Check valve clearance is within factory specifications. Inspect for a worn cylinder or valves, piston rings or worn piston.  If the compression is high, inspect the combustion chamber for carbon deposits.
  7. Check the ignition pulse generator air gap. If it is not within specifications, replace the generator’s ignition pulse generator.
  8. Perform a throttle control system troubleshooting test. Refer to service manual.

Always refer to the Honda EU2000i factory service manual when performing service, maintenance, troubleshooting or repairs. The manual will guide you through each procedures in a step-by-step fashion.

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