Yamaha EF2800i Generator Will Not Start

Yamaha EF2800i Generator Will Not Start

Yamaha EF2800i generator will not start refers to when the portable generator won’t activate and begin to work. If the EF2800i will not start up, use the troubleshooting procedures in the factory service manual.

The troubleshooting guide will help trace and correct faults in a generator’s mechanical or electrical system. Follow these rules to turn on a Yamaha EF2800i that will not start.

Yamaha EF2800i Engine Won’t Start

Yamaha EF2800i Generator Will Not Start

Yamaha EF2800i Generator Will Turn On

Troubleshooting Steps

This information applies to the Yamaha EF2800i and YG2800i.

1. If the engine does not start. Check whether or not the oil warning light comes ON by pulling the starter rope. If the oil light doesn’t turn ON, inspect or test the connections between the oil level switch and the oil warning unit. Replace the oil warning light, oil level switch, oil warning unit or wiring if needed.

2. If the oil warning light does turn ON when pulling the starter rope, check for sufficient engine oil. Add oil if it’s low.

3. Check fuel level. Add gasoline if fuel is low. Replace the fuel if it is contaminated or deteriorated.

4. Check the fuel cock level position. If it is OFF, set to ON.

5. If the fuel cock lever position is ON, make sure fuel is traveling to the fuel cock. If it is not, clean the fuel cock and gas tank.

6. If fuel is traveling to the fuel cock, take off the spark plug, connect it to the spark plug cap, and then ground the spark plug to test for weak or no spark. If the spark is weak or none at all, check:

a. Inspect spark plug for dirt and grime. And measure the spark plug gap. Replace or re-gap spark plug if needed.

b. Test the spark plug for voltage leakage due to broken insulator, faulty connection or broken insulation of the high tension cord.

c. Check the ignition system. Refer to the factory service manual for testing checking and testing procedures.

d. Check the AC-CDI unit connections for rust or a bad connection. Also, install a spark AC-CDI unit to check spark condition. Replace the original unit if spark is weak or none at all.

7. Check the carburetor for blockage to the passages or fuel overflow. Clean passages if clogged.

8. If passages are clear of obstructions, measure valve clearance. If valves are out of adjustment, follow adjustment procedures in the service manual.

9. If valve clearance is good, check engine compression using a compression gage.

10. If compression is within factory specification, check valve face and valve seat for wear. Resurface or replace the valves if there is excessive wear.

11. If valve and seats are good, check if the timing marks on the camshaft and crankshaft are aligned. If they do not lie in a straight line, correct or replace.

12. If timing is adjusted correctly, check if piston is seized, worn or broken piston ring or worn or damaged piston, or damage to the cylinder wall. Replace or rebore if needed.

13. Also, check the condition fo the throttle control system. Refer to the factory service manual for checking procedures.

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